One world

Client: People in need
Year: 2013
Idea/Concept: Creative Heroes
Creative & Art Director: František Dečman
Copywriter: Pavel Fárka

Creative concept

For the One World Festival, we developed the concept "Bojíte se snášet?" and its English counterpart "Don't be scared of EGGality." We approached the campaign with a lighthearted spirit, utilizing the story of a group of blind men and an ostrich to convey the message that there is no need to fear differences.

Key visual

The 15th annual campaign encompassed the development of TV and radio spots, key visuals, website design, CLV, brochures, and other promotional materials.

Festival spot

The ostrich played a central role in our campaign, executing its part to perfection. The international campaign, "Don't be scared of EGGality!", accompanied festivals in Brussels and various other European cities.

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