Cinema City

Client: Cinema City
Partner: Creative Heroes
Year: 2018
Idea/Concept: Creative Heroes
Creative & Art Director: František Dečman

Creative concept

We devised a creative solution for Cinema City's "Cheap Sunday" campaign. The client selected the concept of "60" in the cinema, encapsulating the core of the event – the chance to visit Cinema City at a discounted admission price. The number 60 became the central character in the key visuals, as well as in the spot, where it is featured in the editing of various trailers showcasing the current offerings. This communication concept was employed in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


How can we best illustrate discounted admission at Cinema City? We present the best price in a cinema setting—a clear and impactful visual that requires no further contemplation. On Sundays, you can simply get it for 60 CZK.


We were responsible for script preparation, animatics, 3D modeling, and final post-production. In the storyline, we incorporated the concept that Cinema City prices were plummeting. The number 60 was featured in footage from films that required promotion. The spot was showcased on cinema screens, YouTube, and Digiboards.

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