Miracles of evolution

Client: Národní Muzeum
Partner: Key Promotion
Year: 2021
Produkction: Key Promotion
Script & direction: František Dečman
Animation: Jakub Horák, Roman Kejklíček


In collaboration with Key Promotion, we developed an introductory projection for the National Museum of Natural History's exhibition, which took the form of video mapping using framed images. The resulting projection, combining 3D animation and video mapping, serves as an introduction to the exhibition in the introductory hall. Through these animated images, visitors will catch a glimpse of the animals they will encounter later on. The artwork creates a unique atmosphere, immersing visitors in the captivating world of animals. It offers insights into the realms of invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals, providing a comprehensive overview. The animated film itself showcases significant evolutionary milestones that animals have undergone in their journey to inhabit and dominate nearly every corner of our planet. Within a brief timeframe, it encapsulates the outcome of an extensive evolutionary process, elucidating the intriguing and often remarkable adaptations exhibited by diverse organisms in response to varying conditions on Earth.

3D modeling & Riging

Most of the assets had to be modeled and, naturally, animated. We collaborated with several curators to ensure the final form and movement of certain exhibits were as realistic as possible.

3D animation

Throughout the film, the viewer is accompanied by a single camera, immersing us in various realms of evolutionary development, spanning from the ocean to the land and ultimately to the air.


The resulting screening received highly positive reactions from both the National Museum management and the general public.

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