Harley-Davidson Club Prague

Client: Harley-Davidson Club Prague
Year: 2023
Logo / Visual style / Illustration: František Dečman


This year, the oldest Harley-Davidson Club in the world celebrates 95 years. I had the honour to prepare a logo/sign for this important anniversary. The emblem itself has subsequently been used to produce many merch products from a metal badge, patch, t-shirt or even a beer pint. These products are mainly intended for club members who can get them at various event gatherings or Spaniel rides. It's a collector's passion and a memento of friends and members coming together. And that's how I approached it and tried to emphasize in the emblem, by choosing unique morphology, appropriate colors and typography, that this is a modern company with a long tradition.

Badge and patch

Some of the most notable merch products of the anniversary are the metal badge and patch. The production technology for these products is the most demanding of all and every detail matters. Thus, during the data preparation process, a few minor adjustments had to be made to the emblem, which was reflected in the final form of the logo/sign itself.


The symbol of the anniversary was applied to two colour versions of the paterno, which served as a graphic basis for the production of the necklace. Together with the client, we expanded the merch line with a great biker and practical accessory.

Beer pint

Of course, every good biker has a beer. And what else to drink it from but your own pint, which bears the anniversary emblem and is also produced only in a limited edition. For the production of the emblem on this classic beer pint we chose the sandblasting method. A subtle yet distinctive graphic element that makes the classic pint glass the most unique.


The most popular and the most numerous product to produce was the t-shirt. The design of the anniversary emblem was applied to 4 different cuts, including the women's. The t-shirt was made including the sleeve label and the inner imprint. I provided complete implementation and production for the client. And to maintain the uniqueness of this product, the client and I chose to hand screen print, each shirt is kind of actually an original.

Illustration - flag

Lastly, I created visuals in the form of illustrations as part of the visual style. The club members meet in different parts of the country in the spring and autumn, so a flag is being made to commemorate the occasion for the members. This year the first mile took place in the spring around Jičín, so my client and I were inspired by the legendary character Rumcajs. Rumcajs the biker on Harlejka? Why not?

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