History of the town Klatovy

Client: město Klatovy
Year: 2022
Concept / Script / Direction / Animation: František Dečman
3D Animation: Roman Kejklíček
CGI / assets: Roman Kejklíček, Jan Tomášek, Martin Hanuš
Mapping: Roman Kejklíček, František Dečman

Concept / Exposition

A projection called 'History of the town Klatovy' was created as part of the new exposition at the Jesuit College in Klatovy. This projection is designed as a video mapping, utilizing two projection surfaces that are nearly perpendicular to each other. It offers viewers the opportunity to witness the town's evolution twice. The film is projected onto a vertical projection wall, while the transformation of the city can be observed from a bird's eye view on a horizontal screen featuring a model of the city. Additionally, the projection room is enhanced by a timeline illustrating the significant stages of the city's development.


In collaboration with Truhlářství Zdar, we have created a special table with a 3D model specifically for the mapping project. The table features a projection area measuring 2.5 x 2 m and includes a milled map of the city in its lower section. The model depicting the historical part of the city is produced using 3D printing, meticulously sealed, and painted with a specially designed projection paint in the final stage.


The intention behind the concept was to enhance the mapping on the city model by incorporating a captivating narrative, rather than simply illuminating the city's various developmental stages. We had a well-defined storyline, but during the script production phase, the actual research process to find reference sources for the film began. As not all sources were available or traceable, certain elements had to be reconstructed or modeled, such as the original village of Klatovy or the historic square with its half-timbered houses. This experience also sparked our inspiration to employ various media formats from the respective time periods and to merge animation with artistic techniques.


The storyline of the film also influenced the direction of the city mapping. It begins with the city's foundation, depicting its struggles through devastating fires, subsequent rebuilding efforts, and the post-war reconstruction phase. It further progresses to showcase the city's contemporary era, characterized by modern development and a robust infrastructure. In a literal sense, the city unfolds and expands before the viewer's eyes.

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